Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Test Lighting & Rendering

I was told that my previous key visuals are too bright and colourful for the mood and tone of the film. After the animation session, I've worked hard to explore what the film's appearance should be. For me, Autodesk Maya is still difficult to understand and time consuming, especially when I try to learn new things.

Anyway, I got this one after many attempts in lighting and rendering. It still needs an improvement. I will seek more tutorials.

EDIT: I have moved on to do test composite in order to check that all of render passes is enough. As you may see, it has a problem about lens blur. I'm going to fix it ASAP. Lacking of familiar AE plug-ins generates difficulties in getting what I exactly imagine.



  1. This is looking really good! I prefer the darker look/feel to the shots - definately suits your story better...

    If you get really stuck with Maya passes/rendering, give me a shout, I'll help if I can!

  2. Million thanks Dylan! I found that setting render pass in MAYA is complicated, especially in separating light and shadow.

    By the way, I may need you help about using render farm at DJCAD. I am totally no idea about it.

  3. Renders are looking great!!!! :)

    It might be worth..if you have the time...to give a little bit more variation with regards to the bump mapping on the environment. Maybe the bump texture needs to be scaled down a little. Or, have a seperate one for the floor. The uniformity doesnt really work if you have it all over. Saying that, dont let my words put you of, because the lighting and rendering is really coming together, in my opinion the shaders could do with a adjustment here and there. Otherwise, your doing great!!!! :)

  4. Thank Michael! I'll try to do so if I have enough time. I agree that the pattern might not be work well when I applied it to the whole shot.

    Anyway, I'm trying hard to get all rendering done by this month. It's my first 3D animation, and causes big stress about the deadline.