Wednesday, 3 August 2011

One and Half Week to the Deadline!

Today, I had a meeting with Wayne to discuss about updated music score which I received from Philip. We found that there is something should be adjusted again. Firstly, I will ask Philip to add echo after the electric shockwave In the exploding shot. This may help to improve the sense of blackout. Secondly, we found that the first score works better in the second half of the film because the revised version is softer, and may be not powerful enough for the main message. The climax of the film is the moment of lightening the match (frame number 1 in the last shot) to when the girl turn to face with other (frame number 130), which shows the victory moment.

By the way, I have got all rendered passed, excluding the first shot in which I need more time to improve it, and be working on compositing.

Password: weerawat

The Match (work in progress) from Weerawat Mungkung on Vimeo.

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