Thursday, 14 October 2010

Evil Goodies or Good Evildoers?

"Evil goodies or good evildoers?" (Prinya Tulathummatorn, 2010)

I saw this quote on my friend's facebook two day ago (12 October 2010). It is just a short phrase, but very interesting. it made me think about how people decide on good and evil, then I think about this comic...

Death Note, 2004 (Ysugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata)

Light Yagami is an interesting character. He was an ordinary high-school boy when he found a notebook called the Death Note which has an ability to kill anyone by writing his/her name into it. Yagami is kind of idealism who think that the process of judgement is weak. So he decided to use the Death Note to kill criminals by himself. Although there are a considerable number of people, in the comic, think that Yagami was doing the right thing, his action was against the law, morality and humanity, so the police set a special team to investigate the circumstance and attempt to stop him.

Could we say that Yagami totally did the right or wrong thing? It really depends on individual perspective. I think this kind of personality could make story-telling be more interesting. It encourage audiences to think and involve to the story instead of just sitting and enjoying.

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