Monday, 28 February 2011

Productiona Note - 28 FEB 2011

In regard to the individual tutorial today, I have to think seriously about a music composer, who could involve my project, and the technique, in which I may use. Actually, the current music in my animatic is fine. But I rather like to have more electronic sound in it due to the future setting. Wayne is going to introduce me to a girl who was in the team which made The Happy Duckling (2009). With her advice, I may found a good direction and a connection with a good musician.

Wayne also gave me comments for my animatic. He said that it's pretty good now. But I should aware a 'crossing the line' at thirty-third second. I perhaps solve it by slowly turning the camera's angle a 'wee' bit. He also think that the final sentences aren't necessary, audiences could understand the whole story and messages without them anyway.

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