Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Productiona Note - 1 MAR 2011

I discussed with Mark Grindle in the story and script class today. Same as Wayne's comment, he holds the view that the quotation in the end of the film is not necessary. The film could already tell the message itself.

I found that the value of my communication may regress by conveying message as texts due to the selected narrative methodology. While I have attempted to enlighten audiences' understanding on human's feeling level by throwing a question to them, the quotation may oppose this intention.

Mark also gave me a comment that I should be concerned on what is exactly ignored in the film, the girl or matches. The film's concept is referring to people who has skills or abilities which are not needed in societies. In symbolic aspect, the matches compare to shoes skills and abilities, while the girl is people. Thus the matched should be ignored in this case.

He said that I should add shots which make matches more meaningful, and show that people really need them at the end of the film.

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