Thursday, 18 November 2010

The Anchored

Archored, 2008 (Lindsey Olivares)

The visual of the film was presented in the interesting style which is so unique and contemporary. Although the whole of visual elements, such as characters and environments, was designed based on western design principles which emphasise recognisable silhouette, the artist attempted to put oriental elements into the workpiece. Costumes, props and graphic patterns could be seen clearly that they were affected by oriental culture. In consequence, audiences could sense the combination between two parts of the world.

The artist was successful in using colour and tone to provide different moods and atmospheres. In initially, the scenes provided isolate feeling by using low saturate colour. Thence, the artist casted relieved feeling and love through bright warmer colour in the second half of the film. The water colour style, which was supported by added paper textures, also helped audiences to think of picture books which they used to read.

According to the prime knowledge of my project which based on the interaction between verbals and visuals, this film could be a good example of using the collaboration. However, its methodology is different from previous reviewed films. In this film, the texts which appeared throughout the film accomplish narrative instead of dialogues. The contrast between two fonts, typed text and hand writing, also affects on audience's perception.

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