Monday, 8 November 2010

The Methodology of Conveyance

I read an interesting book about the methodology of narrative, and found that it is very useful for my project since the project attempts to use pop-up book's abilities in animation's devices.

Styles and Bearne (2003) cited Nikolajeva╩╝s work that the methodology of conveyance in picture books and films are similar. Both of them are synthetic media which encourage audience╩╝s perception by using the interaction between verbal and visual.

There are 3 types of interaction. Firstly, the symmetrical interaction is repeating same information in different devices. Secondly,  the enhancement interaction is extending the meaning of verbal by using visual, or vice versa. Finally, the counterpoint interaction is the cooperation of verbal and visual in order to convey messages beyond using solely one of them.

In short animated films, I believe that filmmakers should be concerned on using the interaction between verbal and visual cause of limited time in conveyance messages.

Styles, M. ed. and Bearne, E. ed., (2003). Art, narrative and childhood: edited by morag styles and eve bearne. n.p., Trentham Books Limited

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