Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The Ford Pop-up and The Settler 7 Cinemetic

This is what I'm interested to work on my project. It's a short animated film which is presented in pop-up book inspired style. I think that it has good narrative in impressive style.

Ford Pop-up, 2010 (The Mill New York)

Pop-up animation style could be used in television commercial. The Ford Focus (2009) is created by using the pop-up animation style to represent the car’s contemporary design beside fuel economy and interactive driver ability. (The Inspiration Room, 2009)

However, because the target group is adult. The production team have to concern on the way which commercial would be presented. The UK Screen Association (2009) cites on Francois Roisin’s interview, who is one of the directors, that the challenge of creating this project is making it is playful, but not childish. The commercial presents the car revolve around the pop-up book, which is created in 3-dimension technique as the real one should be, in a single continuous camera shot. This leads to the semi-realistic feeling which is matched to the intention. In addition, the most significant thing of producing commercials is responding to client’s requirement. The UK Screen Association mentions Angus Kneale’s words about the Ford Focus that “It's fresh, design'y, stylish and playful - which is everything the client wanted to convey about the new 2010 model.” (Kneale, 2009)

The Settler 7 Cinematic, 2010 (Ubisoft)

Unfortunately, I could not find the English version. However, the first 45 seconds of the film are presented in pop-up animated style which my project is interested.

In the term of visual, the images and arts are created based on children's picture book style. Everything, such as characters, props and environments, is designed by using obvious silhouette. This could attract audiences, and play a significant role in helping them to recognise. Strong stroke-painting style and smooth colours also help audiences to think of children's books which they read when they were young, and may encourage their good feeling. Due to the style, the film is successful in creating the feeling of 'bed-time story' or 'Aesop's fables' which matchs to imagined world.

In the term of narrative, the film use turning over pages as its main narrative beside using narrator's voice. The good interaction between verbal (script) and visual make the film could fast narrate complicate messages to audiences effectively. Moreover, turing over pages bring surprising feeling to audiences when many things appear from pages. This encourage audiences to follow up what is going next. Thus It has good narrative in impressive style.

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