Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Lovefield

The Lovefield, 2008 (Mathieu Ratthe)
The Lovefield was satisfaction in using visual elements in rhetoric although there were a small number of scripts and dialogues. It showed the power of visual in narrative because it did not narrate directly, but gave many hints to encourage audiences forward imagine stories in their own idea. This initially oppressed audience's emotions then relieved them. Audiences do not just play the perceive role of messages, but the film encourage them to do critical thinking.

The Using of Colours:
In the beginning of the film, the scenes were showed in low saturation colour which cause of disconcerted mood or other negative feeling while the end was showed in bright warm tone which represent a relievable moment.

The Using of Props, Setting and Symbols:
The film used several things to guide audiences to the idea of horror films, such as the dispersed woman's personal belonging which illustrated that she might be in trouble, a knife was assumed as harm, blood which represented to injury and a crow which was a symbol of death and unfortunate.

The Using of Characterisation:
The characterisation of the man was a significant element which accomplished the beguilement. Untrustworthy character supported the suspicion of murder.

The Using of Music and Sounds:
The music and sounds played essential role in achieved beguilement. they tensed the story, and created the disconcerted environment through annoying sounds, such as mobile phone's tone and the crow's screams. The music was intense at the beginning. Then it turn to be gentle and peaceful after the film revealed the truth.

The Lovefield has the strong advantages of using visual elements in narrative, and encourage audience to think forward more than actual story. In order words, its methodology could use to boost the evaluation of audience in things. This leads to the interest of using it in television-commercials. Commercials do not have to present all features of products. They could use visual element to accomplish audience's positive feeling, then the would think forward for the product's advantages by themselves.

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